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Age is Just a Number

To learn music age is no barrier. We only need to feel up to it in spirit.

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Benefits of Music Class For seniors

Music is a universal language. It transcends all human boundaries – including age! It’s really never too early or too late to join music classes. For senior citizens especially, learning music can be a particularly enriching and rewarding activity with many benefits above and beyond just learning how to play an instrument.

Musical learning has a wide variety of emotional and physical benefits, some of which include maintaining positive emotional well-being,


  • Cognitive health

  • Fine motor skills

  • Maintain an active social life

  • increases self-esteem and confidence


We could talk about it all day, but we’d rather show you with our music programs for seniors!

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Don’t Wait up Lets Enroll and Start playing the tunes of our times

DNT Music Academy offers online music classes for seniors living anywhere in the world in both group and individual settings. Whether you choose private or group lessons, our experienced instructors will guide you through various musical activities to help develop your musicality in fun and engaging ways.

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Why should senior citizens attend music class?

Seniors are an important and vital part of our society all around the world, and they need relaxing and uplifting hobbies to provide them a longer and better life. Seniors deserve a happy life because after all, they probably worked hard to get there and helped to support their family and themselves in the process. When retirement finally hits and they are no longer working full time or at all, playing music can be one of the most rewarding past times they can be involved with.

No matter who we are or where in the world we live, playing any kind of musical instrument is very good for you and if you can learn it at your own comfort it's even better!

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Will Online music Class work for them?

Of course, they are the ones who raised us and they can learn to use all the technology and tools we use. With a little support, guidance and motivation in the beginning our senior students are able to set up their class equipment with comfort and ease at any time. There is no difference between a physical class or an online class. It's just they see the teacher through a screen and the communication happens over a mic and speaker.

Image by Stéfano Girardelli

Advantages for taking online music classes?

There are so many advantages of online music classes. Online music classes are very beneficial for our senior citizens. In which they can learn music lessons comfortably and efficiently, that too sitting at home.

The “Home” Advantage

You can learn without leaving home. While being with your caretakers

Recording Your Lessons for Future Reference

If you have a confusion with one of the lessons you can simply rewind and watch the lesson again

Escape the Traffic

Avoid the traffic, you won't be late for the class or coming back to home.

Saves your Time and Money

Since you are not travelling you save up on the fuel,time, energy and efforts

Always play your instrument

It's always best to play your own instrument.

DNT music academy  provides our best music teachers for our most loving Senior Citizens.

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