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Setup Recommendation for
Online Music Classes

1. Reliable high-speed internet, above 2 MBPS internet connection. Broadband is recommended however one can use mobile data as well.

2. Good electronic device, such as a tablet, computer (preferred) or a smartphone, setup where typically your teacher sits in your physical lesson. This ensures your teacher gets a view they would typically get in a class. 

3. A good pair of headphones with inbuilt mic.

4. Light source should be kept in front of you so that it falls on your face.

Kindly ensure that there is no light source behind you.

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Rules & Regulations for Online Music Classes

1. Classes will be conducted via. Zoom meetings application.


2. The School works 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. It remains closed on Sundays, Indian national/public holidays such as Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali etc.The schedule of holidays will be sent via message on your RMN(Registered Mobile Number) from time to time.

3. The school monthly fee is for one month only, irrespective of the number of days in that particular month. School fee day is the date of joining for every month. Students who fail to pay the fee on time will have to pay late fee. Students who do not Pay the fee on time will not be allowed to attend the classes until they pay the fee.

4. Workshops/lecture demonstrations arranged for the benefit of students from time to time will be treated as regular classes. Attendance at such "workshops" will be deemed compulsory and will be counted in lieu of the special class schedule.


5. Registration fee and tuition fee are non-refundable. In case a student cancels or misses a lesson or more, the students will be marked absent. However, if the class is cancelled due to absence of the trainer, then the school will reschedule the class.


6. Students are supposed to inform in prior for the classes they will be missing via Whats App or Email.


7. All changes and queries related to extra lessons, time tables, payments, holidays, etc have to be communicated to the school’s official number only. Teachers will not be able to help students on these issues.


8. Students are not allowed to take personal contact numbers of the teachers. If a student requires to consult a teacher, they shall call the school office Mobile and they will be connected with the teacher on the teacher’s availability. Students can also drop their queries in the form of voice note, Screenshots, Photographs and Text messages on the school’s Whats App Number, such queries will be answered ASAP.


9. If a student leaves the school and takes a break from the school, their registration will remain valid for 1 month from the date of last attendance. Thus, if the student rejoins within 1 month he or she need not pay the admission fee again. However, a rejoining fee will be applicable.


10. The school reserves the right to change a teacher assigned to a student at any point of time.

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