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The Music Education Grade Course is a great option for those looking to enhance their music skills in terms of ability to read, compose and perform music in a professional manner. Here the student has the choice of taking Grade exams tailor-made by Rockschool London and gets directly certified by them. 

This Course is for people above 9 years of age and for the ones who already have an understanding of the instrument and want to either fill the gaps in their knowledge or go thoroughly through the complete syllabus itself.

If you are looking forward to improve your college application for higher studies this course is a must for you.

The course is divided into 9 grades. Ranging from Grade Debut all the way to Grade 8.

This course primarily focuses upon sight reading, ear training, composing  and deep knowledge of the aspects of music. Difficult techniques like arpeggios, vibratos, portamento, falsetto, screeching and harmonization are the core parts of the syllabus in higher grades. By pursuing this course you develop a sense of creating and balancing sound and plugins as well.

Sheet Music

Course Highlights – 

  • Follows the curriculum of Rockschool London.

  • Exams invigilated by Rockschool London.

  • The course also offers UCAS points which further assists the student in building their application for higher education in music abroad.

Who can Join this course?

  •  Ages 9 and up who have completed our foundation level course.

  • Adult Learners who have completed our foundation level course.

  • Candidates who want to pursue music as a career choice.

  • Candidates who seeking international certificate for admission through ECA quota in universities.

  • Candidates who want to secure UCAS points for admission n foreign university.

  • Candidates who plan to become music teacher

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