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Ukulele Entry Level

Course Duration

6 Months

Course Overview

The Debut Ukulele exam is for candidates who have been learning a short time and have developed elementary skills, techniques, coordination and musical understanding. There are two types of exam available at Debut, either a Grade Exam or Performance Certificate

Who can join this course?

• Ages 9 and up who have completed our foundation level course.
• Adult Learners who have completed our foundation level course.
• Candidates who want to pursue music as a career choice.
• Candidates who seeking international certificate for admission through ECA quota in universities.
• Candidates who want to secure UCAS points for admission n foreign university.
• Candidates who plan to become music teacher


•Printer (OPTIONAL)
•Music Stand

Learning Objectives

• Performance Pieces
• Technical Exercises
• Supporting Tests
• Ensemble Backing Tracks and Duet Arrangements

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