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Music Theory Entry Level

Course Duration

6 Months

Course Overview

At Popular Music Theory Debut, you'll begin learning all the music theory you need for your music career, whether you're a musician, a composer or a teacher. From sight reading to in-depth knowledge of scales and instrumental techniques, we've got you covered.

Who can join this course?

• Ages 9 and up who have completed our foundation level course.
• Adult Learners who have completed our foundation level course.
• Candidates who want to pursue music as a career choice.
• Candidates who seeking international certificate for admission through ECA quota in universities.
• Candidates who want to secure UCAS points for admission n foreign university.
• Candidates who plan to become music teacher


• Computer/Mobile/Tablet/Laptop
• Printer (optional)

Learning Objectives

• Basic music notation, time signatures and note values
• Basic elements of popular music harmony
• Instrumental components and notation
• Ability to identify music notation, harmony and instrumental characteristics within a multi-instrumental score

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