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Guitar Level 2

Course Duration

1 Year

Course Overview

The Grade 4 Guitar exam is for candidates who have been learning approximately two - two and half years and have mastered the basic skills, preliminary techniques and have acquired the beginnings of stylistic awareness. Grade 4 develops further stylistic conviction and understanding through developed solo and improvisation work and use of varied sounds. There are two types of exam available at Grade 4, Grade Exam or Performance Certificate.
The Grade 5 Guitar exam is for candidates who have acquired the intermediate skills and techniques and have developed an increasing sense of stylistic conviction. This is demonstrated through instrumental techniques, increasing rhythmic complexity and convincing solo and improvisation work. There are two types of exam available at Grade 5, Grade Exam or Performance Certificate. Please see the Examinations section for an explanation of the differences.

Who can join this course?

• The Course is for candidates who have appeared and passed Grade 3 exam from any board.
• Candidates who want to pursue music as a career choice
• Candidates who seeking international certificate for admission through ECA quota in universities.
• Candidates who want to secure UCAS points for admission n foreign university.
• Candidates who plan to become music teacher


• Computer/Mobile/Tablet/Laptop
• Earphones/Buds
• Printer (OPTIONAL)
• Two Music Stand
• Electric/Acoustic Guitar
• Guitar Amplifier for Electric Guitar
• Multi effect processor/Amplifier Foot Pedal for Electric Guitar

Learning Objectives

Grade 4
• Wide stretches, Double stop fills, string bends
• Major and Natural Minor. Major and Minor Pentatonic scales. Blues scales in two fingering positions, Major, Minor and Dominant 7th arpeggios and chords
• Playback and performance skills
Grade 5
• Natural harmonics, playing over changes
• Major and Natural Minor, Major and Minor Pentatonic scales, Blues scales, all in two positions
• Major and Minor arpeggios over two octaves. Chords in three inversions
• Playback and performance skills

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