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Guitar Entry Level

Course Duration

6 Months

Course Overview

Rockschool Electric Guitar Premiere is the ideal starting point if you've just picked up the electric guitar for the first time. Learn the fundamentals of electric guitar in our easy-to-use Let's Rock books, then perform five of them in a 10-minute exam to earn a Performance Certificate.
The Debut Guitar exam is for candidates who have been learning a short time and have learnt the basic skills. There are two types of exam available at Debut, Grade Exam or Performance Certificate. Please see the Examinations section for an explanation of the differences.

Who can join this course?

• Ages 9 and up who have completed our foundation level course.
• Adult Learners who have completed our foundation level course.
• Candidates who want to pursue music as a career choice.
• Candidates who seeking international certificate for admission through ECA quota in universities.
• Candidates who want to secure UCAS points for admission n foreign university.
• Candidates who plan to become music teacher


• Computer/Mobile/Tablet/Laptop
• Earphones/Buds
• Printer (OPTIONAL)
• Music Stand
• Electric/Acoustic Guitar
• Guitar Amplifier for Electric Guitar

Learning Objectives

• The basics of music notation and your instrument
• Rock, pop, metal, country, indie and hip hop
• Simple chords, melodies and riffs
• Chords, power chords, string crossing and rests
• Major and Minor Pentatonic scales, chords and riff playing
• Playback and performance skills

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