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Foundation Course in Drums

Course Duration

3 Months

Course Overview

Learn to play drums the quick and easy way. Our Foundation Drum Course is designed to take a complete beginner and turn them into someone who knows how to play along with a full music backing track. This course will equip you with all the skills required to understand and play drum beats and fills using basing techniques in simple time and by the end you'll sound like a real drummer!
This step by step guide goes through all the fundamentals of the drum kit, how to play a range of drum beats and fills and what methods you need to practice your drumming all culminating in being able to play along with a full music track.
The course includes a full PDF and other resources for you to practice your skills.
So if you want the quickest, easiest, fun and most effective course to get you up and drumming in the shortest time possible, look no further and enrol now.

Who can join this course?

• Beginner Learners Ages 9 and above
• Beginner Adult Learners
• Students wishing to learn drums as a secondary instrument
• Music Production students who want to understand the working of drums in order to use drum machines


• Computer/Mobile/Tablet/Laptop
• Earphones/Buds
• Printer (optional)
• Music Stand (optional)
• Drum Sticks
• Drum or Practice Pad

Learning Objectives

• Learn about parts of drums.
• Learn to play drum beats in simple time.
• Learn to play Fills.
• Learn the perfect practice approaches.
• Learn the single strokes, double strokes and paradiddle techniques.
• Learn to play along with the metronome and backing tracks.

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