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Director's Note

As Lucknow’s oldest contemporary music school, the Academy is steeped in tradition but is also one of the most progressive musical institutions in the world. Students have access to cutting-edge technology in our amazing performance spaces, our programming is ground-breaking, and in all our disciplines, from Classical to contemporary composition, we encourage students to explore their horizons to the limit. For you, the most pressing question is probably ‘what will it actually be like to study at the Academy?

I hope that the slides that follow in addition to the information on our website will go a long way to answering this and helping you decide whether the Academy is the right for you.


We hope to welcome you soon.

Maestro Nitin Saxena

Founder of DNT Music Academy
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Who We Are?

We are a Rockschool, London accredited International Music Training Academy.


Our seasoned instructors employ expert training techniques through live online classes to ensure every student at the academy gains higher understanding of the art of music.


DNT’s total student population, representing more than 12 countries throughout the world while creating a unique and diverse learning environment.

Our Purpose

DNT Music Academy envisages educating as many people of all walks of life and ages to propel their musical skills to a professional level.


We aim to create a multi-cultural music educational platform where students of various countries can learn and collaborate together.

We meticulously evaluate each trainee’s music capabilities regularly to provide optimum growth value of music skills and to extract the best level of musical talent from each of them respectively. We accomplish this via our carefully structured music curriculums, international music assessments and other music development programs. We aim to create a multi- cultural music educational platform where students of various global locations can learn and collaborate together.

Music Learning For all ages

Features of our
Online Music Classes 

Online Discussion

Highly Experienced and Selective Teachers

All the teachers at DNT Music Academy have completed their education in western music from Rockschool, London or they have completed their bachelors or master degree from one of the Indian musical boards.


All the teachers undergo a 5 round interview along to make sure they are the best of the best music teachers in their field. It’s mandatory for all teachers to go under 8 hour professional development training every month to upgrade their skills and talent.


We have different teachers for different modules and levels of music education.

Live online Classes

Live online classes are usually held via zoom application. Each Practical class has a teacher with up to 5 students and students will be able to see each other, interact and imbibe skills like in a real classroom.

This is extremely effective as it not only helps you learn from the teacher but also from fellow students across the globe. You will also be able to gauge how you stand with respect to other students taking the same course.

The institute decides whether the class is supposed to be conducted in group or individually as per the requirement of the module and the need of the learner. For the theory class the number defers from 5 to 15 depending upon the learning caliber of the group

Online Guitar Class
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Learning Resources

At you go along each course, you will be given access to the Online learning resources, which are in the format of digital text book that contains the entire learning material in a structured manner for the course you have enrolled for.



 Apart from the studying material students get to use digital tools like metronome, tuners and music sheet writing software.

  Digital Homework Process

We make sure to report what’s been taught in the class along with the homework assignment given to the student for each and every class.

The teacher shares a slide file on Google drive which is created for each student separately. It contains all the notes and practicing tips that were advised by the teacher during the class.

The homework submission is uploaded by the student in a form of Unlisted(hidden from public) Youtube video link which the teacher and student can watch in real time together and the teacher can point out to the areas where the student needs to work upon furthermore.


This process also saves the time energy of the student and teacher both

Filming a Music Video
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Student’s Progress tracking method

Over a period of 14 years we have developed a method to generate the statistics of the student’s progress which is delivered to the parents by the end of each month via email.


This also helps to gain clarity between the student, teacher and the parent about what topics of the modules have been completed and how much course is left to cover up.


The statistics also help us to understand how much time the student actually needs to devote to the practice in order to complete the milestones in due time.

Performance and Presentation oriented learning

All the songs taught in the class are given as homework to polish up and refine them more.


The student is then supposed to record the homework as a video presentation for the teacher to assess it and provide remark.


This helps the learner to overcome camera shyness and stage fright. This also helps the learner to boost their confidence.

Online Violin Class
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Concentration on soft skills along with the hard skills.

While playing the instrument is the core skill but a musical performance requires a few soft skills as well like stage presence, Confidence, stage act, facial expressions, strong communication and a sense of building a song-list.


We at DNT music academy help the learner to develop these skills from module 2 onward.

Assessments and Examinations

We have regular periodic assessments in order to observe the learning graph and the development of the student. On the basis of the internal assessments we are able to provide a road map for the students learning journey efficiently.


We also have external assessments and examinations to evaluate learning progress and after the successful completion of each module. This will help you achieve learning milestones and give the learner a sense of accomplishment in the form of the certificate.

Distance Learning

Advantages for Taking Online Music Classes


The “Home” Advantage

You can learn without leaving home. While being with your caretakers

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Recording Your Lessons for Future Reference

If you have a confusion with one of the lessons you can simply rewind and watch the lesson again

Traffic Light

Escape the Traffic

Avoid the traffic, you won't be late for the class or coming back to home.


Saves your Time and Money

Since you are not travelling you save up on the fuel,time, energy and efforts


Always play your instrument

It's always best to play your own instrument.