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About DNT Music Academy

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DNT Music Academy : The Online Music School

We are a Rockschool, London accredited International Music Training Academy.


Our seasoned instructors employ expert training techniques through live online classes to ensure every student at the academy gains higher understanding of the art of music.

DNT’s total student population, representing more than 12 countries throughout the world while creating a unique and diverse learning environment.

Our Purpose

DNT Music Academy envisages educating as many people of all walks of life and ages to propel their musical skills to a professional level.


We aim to create a multi-cultural music educational platform where students of various countries can learn and collaborate together.

We meticulously evaluate each trainee’s music capabilities regularly to provide optimum growth value of music skills and to extract the best level of musical talent from each of them respectively. We accomplish this via our carefully structured music curriculums, international music assessments and other music development programs. We aim to create a multi- cultural music educational platform where students of various global locations can learn and collaborate together.

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We are the best Online Music School because...

Our Teaching Methodology

  • Use of Physical Books

  • Step by Step

  • International Curriculum

  • Popular Music Songs

  • Goal Oriented

  • Use of Backing Tracks

  • Video Projects

  • Regular Homework Assignments

Training Focus

  • Technical Knowledge

  • Theoretical Knowledge

  • Content Creation Skills

  • Sight Reading Skills

  • Aural Skills

  • Performance Skills

  • Improvisational skills

  • Compositional Skills

Out Trainers

  • Warm and friendly

  • Professionally Qualified

  • Encouraging

  • Motivating

  • Influential

  • Technically updated

  • Industry specialist

Browse Our Primary Courses

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Music 101 Program

Age 6+

Beginner Course to Take you to Advance Level

Record Song In Studio

Rockschool Program

Age 10 +

Advance Level  Course to Take you to Professional Level

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Join the Elite community of 750+ Leaners and Grow

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Think Global, Create Original

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